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Check availability of bunnies on the Adoption Chart, below. SAMPLE pictures of adoptable litters may be available — Adopt/Photo Link
*Mini Lops available
*D. hotot babies available soon
*English Angoras MAY available
*Mini Rex not available

mini lop rabbit English angora rabbits /bunnies dwarf hotot rabbit Img: kids bunny rabbit birthday party Img: kids bunny rabbit birthday party Img: Kids choosing a rabbit, bunny at Bunny Central Img: rabbit boarding - indoor, rabbit boarding at Bunny Central


Purebred, pedigreed, fancy rabbits for adoption.

*Rabbit Boarding (bunny-sitting), Birthday Parties, Photo shoots*

Northern California -- San Francisco EAST-Bay Area.

Bunny Central/ Rabbit Logo

* Mini Lop * English Angora and * Dwarf Hotot

Bunnies come with full pedigree, health warranty and free advice for life. Babies are handled since birth and raised in large cages with earth-friendly methods.

Come and visit! This is not a business. Call first (day/eve)for an appointment: Hm:(925) 680-4770, PACIFIC Time.


We also sell cages to our adopters at reasonable prices.
*Bunny-sitting (rabbit boarding) service*
*Entertainment/Educational services: Birthday parties, petting zoo and school/adult business/ special events with rabbits*

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

Bunnies Available now Video of Typical Available Bunnies

Spring Bunnies, 1 min., 57 sec. (Typical litters: We have 2015 litters avail soon!) 
*An OLD VIDEO of some typically available litters: Click text above. * (I usually do not take pictures of new litters because they are adopted before I can post them)

*Baby Mini lops, English Angoras and dwarf hotots some available NOW or soon*

Slide show of litters below (from two years ago. Feel free to ignore the Smilebox ads (it is a fun program so do try it out!

*Pictures of typical litters are on the Adopt/Photo page*

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Lenny & Georgia with Mini Lop (left) and English Angora Rabbit (right)

Bunny Central is a small hobby rabbitry run by Georgia & Lenny Williams, as well as our partners Cori from Buckskin Bunnies Cooperative rabbitry and Danny. We have an unusual 1/2 acre in the middle of a city in the San Francisco East Bay, California. Our bunnies are raised in large cages and are handled since birth. We use "earth friendly" methods such as composting, raising earthworms under the cages and wash down trays resulting in one of the cleanest rabbitries in the area.

I oft-times have a home based job and the bunnies are unfortunately ;-) a "non-profit" hobby. We do it for showing and for fun. I really enjoy creating healthy, fun pets and show animals for the 4-H kids and the community. I do not create too many. I had brain surgery in 2013 so I took some time out, we are coming back now***If it were not for responsible people like us, where would your pets come from?*** I shudder at the thought!

If you have questions about rabbits, please go to the House Rabbit Society's (return to B.C., behind new browser window) Home Page. They have an extensive home page that will answer all your questions and more.

White Mini Lop Rabbit

You can do a general Google search for "rabbit links" and find more information. This Google search is also a good place to get referrals to breeders in your area. SF Bay Area people may be interested in getting a rescue rabbit from the House Rabbit Society or the Oakland SPCA. They are a really good deal because they are spayed or neutered before adoption. To find a local rescue bunny go to:

After you've done **all** your research, please call me when you can **visit** us. We love to meet our bunny adopters in person and have a lot of fun with our rabbits!

Shows: Our group won Best of Breed in mini lop, English angora and dwarf hotot at the Alameda County Fair in '96 to 2001. We showed only mini lops the last few years. So, our mini lops won Best of Breed every year from 1996 - 2007, 2009, 2011 & 2012. My helper, Clif's English Angora rabbit won Best of Breed in 2006, we won Angora BOB in 2009 (did not enter after that). Also our mini lops won Best Reserve in Show in '99 and '00. (That is equivalent to 2nd place out of 750 rabbits at a show.) Fun!

For local show listings and breed information (See Links) for ARBA -- The American Rabbit Breeders Association for their Home Page.

Don't let the term "show rabbits" throw you, they make great pets too! Since conscientious breeders work hard - generation after generation - to achieve high standards, our bunnies are often cuter and healthier than many "Back Yard Bunnies".

However - All bunnies are beautiful!

Img: Rabbits Annual Magazine
Img: Join the House Rabbit Society

I recommend the Rabbit's Annual- See Links as a great book about rabbits. At only $7.00 it is published every year packed with information about rabbits and kids, vets, traveling, house training, bunny behavior, etc. I am excited to be a contributing author to the 1996-97 annual on the subject of Weather Extremes and in the 1997-98 issue on First Aid for Rabbits. The 1998-99 issue covered Bunny Basics and the 2000 issue featured my article about Rabbits and Magic. They now have a "Bringing Bunny Home" issue and a "Complete Care" book ($10) that I recommend adopters buy. I have them or they are available from the local pet store.

Are you concerned about very hot or cold weather? Heat Exaustion? Link to The Weather article: Hot/ Cold Weather. Have a question about your bunnies health? Link to the First Aid article: First Aid. Remember to go to the House Rabbit Society's Home Page. Return to B.C., behind new browser window. It is truely the best info page around for rabbit care, toys, behavior etc. Please consider supporting the HRS as they provide an invaluable service for our furry friends!

New Video Series! Click link on the upper left to see our new Informational Video Series about rabbit handling and Angora grooming at YouTube.

Other services available from Bunny Central: We do guest lectures, rabbit-wrangling and bunny-sitting. Local children's Bunny Birthday parties, petting zoos and events are available. I did a guest lecture for the Contra Costa County Society of American Magicians on Rabbits and Magic - See Links. Attn: Movie makers and advertising firms: Georgia and her rabbits are available for photo or movie shoots . We have done an ad for birth control, advertising photos and shots for a children's book. Please inquire about our "animal wrangling services". Going out of town? Remember we do bunny-sitting / boarding as well. Boarding is currently $10 a day - lowest price I've seen around.

*** If you are in town, come for a visit, we usually have bunnies available for adoption year round. Ask about our Mother / Daughter specials.

Img: mini lop mother/daugher special width= Img: movie production, animal wrangler Img: movie production, animal wrangler Img: kids bunny rabbit birthday party Img: teenage bunny rabbit birthday party

Call Georgia Williams at (925) 680-4770

Please read the note below about calling hours.

Located in the S.F East Bay Area, CA, USA

email: bunnycentral (@ sign*)

* email not "clickable" to foil spammers.

Note: Sometimes I can be slow to return emails. If you are in a hurry it is best to call. This is not a business phone! Please note that I am the Pacific Time Zone, USA - I do not think very clearly before 8:00 a.m. & need some peace after 9:30 p.m. THANK YOU! ;-)

Address of this page is: or

Member American Rabbit Breeders Association

Bunnies for Adoption:
Includes Health Warranty, Pedigree, and Free Advice for Life!

Link to available bunnies/rabbits: Adoption/Photos

Breed Age Adoption Fee Notes
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot Baby $100 - $155 ($100 ml - buck, $150 ml - doe); to $150 (dh)
Bunnies avail now. ML litters born regularly.
Colors: spotted and solid silver, gold and blue steel, black, blue, opal,
chinchilla, chestnut,lynx, orange, fawn,
white, smoke pearl

D. H. available now.
Mini Lops available now.
Call or send an Email with d. hotot
or mini lop in subject for adoption
for a place on the wait list
or to make an appointment.
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot Junior/ young adult: 6 to 12 Mo. $85 (ml - buck, $125 ml - doe); to $50 to $100 (dh) ML & DH available
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot Adult Breeder $50.00 to $75 depending on age (ml) to $75 (dh)
(ml): Hotot adult breeders available.
Mini Lop, Dwarf Hotot Retiring Adult $25.00 - One avail.
English Angora New litters are born somewhat regularly. None Available now. Colors we get:
blue tort, fawn, opal, white, black, and chestnut
English Angora Baby Male $100
Available now?
Send an Email with
Angora in subject
or call.
English Angora Baby Female $150
Available now.
Price range explained: White
Angora bucks cost $100,
colored males are $100 too and
females cost $150.
English Angora Junior: 6 to 12 Mo. $125
none available

English Angora Adult Breeder $65.00 to $125.00 -
none available
English Angora Retiring Adult $45.00 none available.

Link to available bunnies/rabbits: Adoption/Photos

*We will consider shipping if you are buying 3 rabbits or more. It is VERY expensive and time consuming to ship just one (i.e., over $250.00 with one bun, vet check, health certificate, carrier, our time, shipping, etc.). Shipping three rabbits costs aprox. $400.00 inclusive. Six: aprox. $500.00. More for English Angoras and dwarf hotots. There is no shipping allowed to some areas by the airlines during warm seasons. Sometimes we can ship on a night flight. (April '07 prices). See the ARBA site ( for referrals in your area.

Rabbit in Magic Hat

    Our Rabbitry

Our Rabbitry

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Push play button to start. Also: We no longer breed Polish rabbits

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