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O Gallchobhair (anglicized versions: Gallagher, Gallaher, Galaher, Gallager, Golaher, Gallacher, Gallaher, Gallogher, Galliker, Gilliger, O'Gallagher, and O'Galleghure.)

O'Gallchobhair are descendants of Gallchobhar, derivatives being gall, meaning foreign (stranger)+chobhar, defined as help(support).

The name of this sept, O Gallchobhair in Irish, signifies descendants of Gallchobhar or Gallagher, who was himself descended from the King of Ireland who reigned from 642-654. The O'Gallaghers claim to be senior and most loyal family of the Cineal Connaill. Their territory extended over a wide area in the modern baronies of Raphoe and Tirhugh, Co. Donegal, and their chiefs were notable as marshals of O'Donnell's military forces from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries, The principal branch of the sept were seated at Ballybeit and Ballynaglack.

Gallagher, usually without its prefix O, is one of the commonest names in Ireland being fourteenth in the statistical list compiled from birth registrations. Gallagher is pronounced "Gallaher" in Ireland and "Gallager" in America. Most of Gallaghers were recorded in the north-western counties of Ulster and Connacht, the majority being from Co. Donegal, the original homeland of the sept. The national records show them to have been even more intimately connected with ecclesiastical than military activities. No less than six O'Gallaghers were bishops of Raphoe in the fifteenth and and sixteenth centures and one in the eighteenth. One of these, Laurence O'Gallagher, who held the see from 1466-1477, was anything but a saintly prelate, while on the other hand Most Rev. Redmond O'Gallagher (1521-1601), Bishop of Derry, the prelate who befriended the survivors of the Spanish Armada and was forced to disguise himself as a shepherd in order to escape the prevailing religious persecution, was eventually captured and became one of our Irish Catholic martyrs. A later Bishop of Raphoe, and afterwards of Ossory, Most Rev. James O'Gallagher (1681-1751) was famous for his sermons (usually preached in Irish), which, when published, ran to twenty editions. In America Father Hugh Gallagher (1815-1882), had a most colourful career as a "frontier priest". William Davis Gallagher (1808-1894), American poet, was the son of an Irish refugee who took part in Robert Emmet's Rebellion.


It's description is Blazon: Agrgent a lion rampant sable treading on a serpent in fess proper between eight trefoils vert.
Arms and the right to bear them are granted to individuals by the Chief Herald of Ireland and only those arms registers with his office can be truly claimed by descendants. The Coat Of Arms ensemble consists of the escutcheon or shield; the helm or helmet; the crest; the motto; the mantle and the suppporters. The shield is the most important element. The crest ws worn by the warrior chiefs of Greek and Roman antiquity, serving not only as a mark of rank but also as a consipicous emblem in battle.

Hearldry is the study and description of coats of arms with its origins coming in the twelfth century when knights in continental Europe first began using markings on their shields to identify themselves. Arms first arrived in Ireland with the Normans. Norman heraldy shows clearly its military orgins. The more modern Coat Of Arms began in the 16th Century as a Anglo-Irish heraldic practice characterized by elaborate shields concerned more about a families' status than military ones. A third tradition of Irish Hearldry related to Gaelic Irish where the symbols related to pre-Chrisitan myths.


Jack Gallagher

Jack (John) Gallagher, is a second generation Irish American being born in San Francisco, California in 1948. His father, James Gallagher, was also born in San Francisco in 1911. And James' Father, Cornelius Gallagher was born in Cunlin, Ireland, July 15, 1872, migrating at the turn of the 19th Century directly to San Francisco. This Cornelius married Mary McDavett (MacDevitt) in San Francisco , her Father being Cornelius MacDevitt who married Mary O'Kane probably around 1870, both of whom were probably born around 1840 in the Donegal Area. Cornelius Gallagher's Father, Jack's Great Grandfather, was also named James Gallagher, also born in Cunlin around 1840. And, around 1870, he married Mary Gertrude O'Donnell.

Jack Gallagher is a dual citizen being both an American and Irish Citizen, currently residing as a permanent resident in the Philippines with his wife Emilie Gallagher. He'd like more updates on the GALLAGHER Clan, and will ad it to this site. If you have such information, or want more information from him, please contact: