Days Of Our Lives Top Ten Lists!

Ten Characters we miss dearly!Newest List!!!!!
10. Eugene/Calliope
09. Tony DiMera
08. Addie Horton
07. Mike/Carrie
06. Vivian Alamain
05. Kim/Shane
04. Kristen, et al.
03. Kayla/Patch
02. Jack/Jenn
01. Tom Horton!!!!!!!

Ten Things That Should Not Be Happening Now On Days Updated Feb. 22
10. People should not be fancy skating in the background while Sami & Brandon are falling on their asses
09. Mimi should not be on the plane to France
08. Nicholas should not wear speedos
07. If Nicholas is going to wear a speedo he should NOT take it off
06. Kurt should not be allowed to go on living (he is useless)
05. Hope should not have found out she was pregant 6 months after "it" happened
04. Old people should not be hanging out at Dot Com
03. Brandon/Abe/Lexie...what more can I say?
02. Bart and Rolf should not be so stupid
01. Louise Sorel should not have been fired, we'll miss her...(You can catch her on PC starting March 10th)

Top Ten Things That Annoy Us About Days
10. When you slit your wrists you don't stop to write Mike on the wall with your blood
09. How could you possibly sail the Fancy Face in the winter when the water is ice?
08. Why do so many people just pick up and go to Europe? What's so great about Europe?
07. If you had a daughter on death row wouldn't you visit her?
06. Don't you think it's about time John does something useful with his life and go to work?
05. Why can't anyone just mind there own business (Marlena)?
04. How can two children be friends (Shawn D & Nicholas) and then one suddenly ages 10 years while the other's left at boarding school?
03. Mike Horton, Nicole Walker, Carrie Brady, Marlena Evans,
02. It shouldn't take less then 30 seconds to get from one end of Salem to the other
01. Where is Salem?

Top Ten Things wrong with Ali McIntyre (Lisa Linde)
10. She's suicidal
09. She's attempted murder
08. She's a compulsive liar
07. She's obsessive
06. She's dilusional
05. She's not even good enough to be a head nurse at Salem U Hospital
04. She never makes her own decisions
03. She's just plain out of her mind
02. She's going for Mike
01. She's is proportionatly challenged!

Top Ten Neglected Characters
10. Every child under the age of 16
09. Ivan Marais
08. Brady Black
07. Bart
06. Maggie Horton
05. Celeste Perrault
04. Lili Faversham
03. Anyone over the age of 50
02. Laura Horton
01. Dr. Rolf

Top Ten Reasons Why S.O.R.A.S Doesn't Always Make Sense
10. For Belle to be 16, she should have been born in 1984, John (her father) came to Salem in '86
09. When they recast one child from the family but not the other one, the non-recasted one is "Sick"
08. Shawn in about 16-17, if this would work, Hope would have given birth in 84 but Bo and Hope only married in 85
07. Hope should be 26
06. Sami and Eric are really 16
05. Philip and Will were born about a year apart but now Philip is 16 and Will is 3
04. Mike is really older than Hope
03. Shawn and Nicholas used to be friends, but now he's in his early 20's and Shawn's 16
02. Jen was born in 76 but is suppost to be in her mid 30's
01. How can someone age 10 years in the matter of a week??

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