The Salem Strangler

Jake Kositchek was the Salem Strangler. He was in love with, and engaged to marry Jessica Blake. They seriously dated for about a year. When Jessica started flipping into her Angel personality, Jake lost it and started strangling women. He stalked Marlena during the time of his killings. He sent her letters saying that the deaths of the women were Marlena's fault. He also entered her apartment and left her a doll with a broken neck, hung by a silk scarf from her curtain rod. This is when Marlena first met Roman-he was assigned to protect her from the Strangler, so he parked himself on her floor with his sleeping bag. Eugene confessed to the stranglings in early 1982, after Roman found his apartment walls covered with newspaper clippings about Marlena. The stranglings continued once Eugene was hospitalized, so he was later released. Jake killed himself when he was cornered by Roman in Marlena's apartment after Samantha was killed.
His victims were:
1. Bonita Jean Bradford
2. Denise Peterson
3. Laurie Masters
4. Mary Anderson (strangled the night that Shenanigans opened)
5. Renee Dumonde (attacked her twice, but not killed)
6. Samantha Evans (he thought he was killing Marlena)

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