The Salem Slasher

Andre DiMera, Tony's identical twin cousin (thanks to plastic surgery) was the Salem Slasher. He stabbed his victims, poisoned them, and left a Raven's feather in their hands. Andre masqeraded as Tony while the real Tony was chained in a room in his penthouse. Andre, as Tony, wore a finely crafted mask of Roman whenever he killed. Roman had to fake his death to work on the case and clear his name. Roman lived in Eugene's basement and continued to investigate.
His victims were:
1. Renee Dumonde-Stefano's daughter
2. Kelly Chase
3. Trista Evans Bradford-was killed just after she and Eugene got married-she had found some discrepencies in the lab reports about Stefano's death making her a victim
4. Gwen Davies- wasattacked, but escaped unharmed-a raven's feather was still found at her bedside
5. Letitia Bradford-Eugene's aunt was killed after she moved in with Eugene (she had a black raven as a pet)
6. Daisy, a hooker-Sandy and Marlena witnessed the murder and were shocked to see the attacker was Roman
7. random hooker
8. Hope Williams-unharmed 9. Marlena Evans-unharmed

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