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This page is dedicated to a role playing game called "Days-SalemPlace" All you gotta do is pick a character and start a story line. We only just begun so there are tons of characters to pick from. There two ways to subsrcibe via:
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What storylines are going on now:

Victors's been STABED!!!! everyone in town's a suspect...
Lucas and Nicole are still married
Bo thinks he and Hope are engaged to be married but she's been turned into Gina and she has no intention of marrying him!
Carrie and Austin just had a little girl named Kimberly Annabelle Reed
Roman's the police commander (we don't have an Abe to be commander!)
John and Marlena are married (aside from the fact the we don't have a John and we don't have a Stefano to stop it!)
Kristin's back and wants revenge!
Sami and Lucas have joint custody of Will...but is she gonna leave it that way
Brady Black is back in town and his become good friends with the teens
Expect a new face to arrive in Salem very soon

If you have any storyline questions e-mail Danielle at

Characters Taken:

Lucas Roberts:
Carrie Brady Reed:
Hope/Gina Williams:
Austin Reed:
Roman Brady:
Brandon Walker:
Victor Kiriakis:
Philip Kiriakis:
Kate Roberts:
Marlena Evans Brady Black:
Bo Brady:
Mimi Lockhart:
Dr. Wilhelm Rolf:
Shawn Brady:
Mike Horton:
Greta Von Amberg:
Sami Brady:
Kristin Blake Dimera:
Nicole Walker Roberts:
Belle Black:
Brady Black:
Billie Reed:
Craig Wesley:
Eric Brady:
Lexie Carver:
Nancy Wesley:

Characters desperatly needed:
Stefano Dimera
John Black
Vivian Alamain
Chloe Lane
Abe Carver

If you have any character requests e-mail Amanda at

Join and have fun!!

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