The Riverfront Knifer

The Riverfront Knifer was Harper Deveraux. His main target was hookers, because he felt he needed to rid the world of their "filth." He attacked all of his victims with a knife and stabbed them. The other suspects were Nick, Jack, "The Alien," and Alan Brand. Harper was apprehended on July 4, 1988 on the roof of Kayla's loft. He held Kim and Kayla hostage on the roof, but was overpowered by Shane and the Salem PD.
His victims were:
1. Esther (a friend of Eve's who she had paid to pretend to be her mother)-she died and Eve found her body
2. Eve Donovan-she got away with only a slash on her cheek
3. Gabrielle Pascal-she was wearing Eve's coat (Harper thought he was going after Eve)-she got away with only a sprained wrist and broken ankle, because she fought Harper
4. Random Hooker-died
5. Janice Barnes-died
6. Random Hooker #2-died
7. Grace Forrester-died-Frankie witnessed this murder while he was at Paula Carson's house (since he was sleeping with her, he had to cover up this fact, so Paula claimed that she had seen the murder)-Frankie made a police sketch of the attacker-later it was revealed that this was a copycat killing by the alien who was actually Grace's killer
8. Paula Carson-unharmed, Frankie saved her
9. Kim Donovan-unharmed, Shane saved her
10. Random Hooker #3-died
11. Kayla Brady-he went after her because she had an affair with Steve while married to Jack-she lost her hearing when there was an explosion during this attack in the basement of her loft

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