The Desecrator

During late November 1994, a disturbing criminal surfaced in Salem who clearly had something against the Catholic faith and its practices. This criminal first showed up one evening at St. Luke's Catholic Church, wearing black boots, pants, sweatshirt, and gloves. With a sledgehammer, he decapitated three saint statues. Next, he burned the gifts the Bradys and Hortons had planned to give to the children at the Horton Center. Lastly, he burned down the majestic Christmas tree in Salem Place. The only lead the police had on this criminal was a Brady Fish Market matchbook. As time passed, The Desecrator was revealed to be Marlena, under the influence of Satan. She went on to chloroform Kristen, strip her naked, handcuff her to the altar at St. Luke's and paint red pentagrams on her. She nearly killed Bo and Billie during their wedding, as she loosened the chandelier, which fell, just missing them. She also burned down the church, with Tony, Kristen, and John in it. This was MarDevil's last shenanigan as The Desecrator. She was eventually found out and exorcised.

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