The Alamains!

Before viewers ever met them, heiress Katarina von Leuschner and Lawrence Alamain were engaged to be married. It was a marriage set up by their parents. Katarina got cold feet and ran away. She happened to be a friend of Jennifer Horton who, when they were teens, crossed paths with the Alamains. Katarina and Jennifer switched identities on a blind date. So when Jennifer went to Lawrence, he seemed to believe she was Katarina (who had changed her name to Dr. Carly Manning). Lawrence pressed for a quick marriage in his native land and then forced himself on Jennifer. Jack Deveraux rescued Jennifer from Lawrence's clutches. Lawrence then turned his attention to Bo Brady, whom he blamed for a long-ago slight that had caused a rift between Lawrence and Carly. When Lawrence's plans went awry, he caused an earthquake that ended up killing Alamain patriarch, Leopold Alamain.

A few months later, Lawrence resurfaced in Salem. When Jennifer pressed rape charges against Lawrence, he claimed he didn't remember doing anything bad. Kimberly Brady believed that Lawrence actually had a stress-related problem that caused blackouts. But she grew to suspect that he was using her, so she bugged his house and learned that he had faked his condition. Lawrence was arrested after Jack managed to get a taped confession from him. He served some time and was released. Once out, he continued his underhanded dealings with a poison virus, tried to win Kimberly back, and saved Carly's life when she got involved with drug dealers. But she was in love with Bo. Eventually Lawrence eventually rescued Carly and took her and their son, Nikki, to Europe.

Vivian Alamain came to Salem from Europe with her devoted servant Ivan in 1992. She joined her underhanded businessman nephew, Lawrence who was now behind Jenco Oil. Vivian and Lawrence discovered that John Black was Forrest Alamain, Lawrence's brother. Stunned by the news, John was also shocked to discover that Vivian swindled him out of Forrest's portion of his father Leopold's inheritance. With Victor Kiriakis' help, John got his share of the fortune.

While Vivian is really John's aunt, there is little love in this family. Vivian, no longer independently wealthy, wants to regain the money that allows her the luxury she loves. John Black is more concerned with regaining the woman he loves--Marlena Brady

Leopold Alamain
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Vivian Alamain
Vivian and her nephew Lawrence arrived in Salem in 1992. Together they opened the coffin which should have contained the remains of Vivian's other nephew, Forrest, but found only sand. Later on it was realized that Vivian's nephew Forrest was John Black. Vivian received an allowance from Lawrence and focused her romantic interests on the richest man in Salem- Victor Kiriakis. Her strongest emotional attachment however was Nikki, the son of Lawrence and Dr Carly Manning who were told that their son had died shortly after birth. Vivian feared she would lose Nikki, so she kidnapped him. Soon after Nikki was discovered Vivian was diagnosed with a fatal heart problem. While Vivian was in the hospital she was taking mysterious Asian herbs. They cured her illness, but played havoc with her mind. Vivian injected Carly with a serum that made her look dead. Vivian managed to bury Carly alive and through a sound system inserted in Carly's coffin, she also managed to taunt Carly about her son. Luckily, Vivian had a flash of sanity and Lawrence was able to rescue his wife. They then left Vivian and took off for Europe. Vivian was admitted to a sanatorium, where she met Laura Horton and found out some interesting information about her arch enemy, Kate Roberts', past. Once free, Vivian caused problems between Kate and Victor and she herself married Victor. Vivian stole Victor's and Kate's in vitro embryo and had it implanted in herself, causing her to give birth to Kate and Victor's child Philip. After Kate found out about this, she returned to Salem and kicked Vivian out of the Kiriakis mansion. Since then, Vivian met a man by the name of Ivan Marais who cared for her deeply. Although they had no romantic involvement together they suffered being jailed together numerous times because of Stefano Dimera. Jonesy, hired by Stefano was supposed to ruin Vivian, but he fell madly in love with her and they got married. Soon after Jonesy died and left his fortune to Vivian. Vivian, now living in Jonesy's townhouse (really Stefano's) is pretending to be on her death bed in order to get back at Stefano for controlling her life with the chip he implanted in her tooth.

Lawrence Alamain
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Forrest Alamain (John Black)
In 1986 a mysterious man arrived in Salem. He had recently undergone extensive cosmetic surgery and had no memory of his past. Since Dr Marlena Evans worked with this man she became attached to him. He was thought to be her long lost husband Roman. "Roman" moved in with Marlena and lived his life as her husband for the next few years. Then the real Roman returned to Salem and this mystery man was found out to be John Black, it turned out however, that John was really Forrest Alamain the son of Leopold Alamain. John Black was an alias created for him by Stefano Dimera. His fortune was given to him by his aunt Vivian an he had an independent income for life. John then fell in love with Isabella Toscano, who became pregnant with their child. On the days John and Isabella were supposed to get married she gave birth to their son Brady, but was soon diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She died in John's arms a few months later. John was the presented with Kristen Dimera as a challenge. Having just lost her husband, Tony Dimera, Kristen fell in love with John who was accused of Tony's death, but knew he didn't love her that much. She thought that if they had a child he would stay with her, but Kristen's double, Susan locked her in a room and at their wedding ceremony, Susan's false teeth flew out and the truth was uncovered. Then John moved in with Marlena and they are currently planning themselves a wedding. A new obstacle has arose however- Gina! She is desperately trying to make John remember his past with her. Now that John is finally married to Marlena he is remembering his past with Gina more and more. Will Marlena's love for him keep him hers?

Nicholas Alamain
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