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                       Q. What is DOGNET?
                       A. DOGNET is a group of sysops that are dedicated to running InterBBS
                            games without the use of long distance polling.

                       Q. Can I use InterNet Rex?
                       A. Yes! InterNet Rex is easy to set up and works on several operating

                       Q. I want to learn more about joining do you offer an Info-Pack?
                       A. Click here for the latest Info-Pack

                       Q. What InterBBS Leagues are available in DOGNET?
                       A. Here is a list of Inter-BBS games available

                       Hourly Stats for League 801: Last Recon and Version
                                                                  Recon times
                                                                  Percent Changes from last week
                                                                  Score Standings
                                                                  Players Networth

8-Ways Slots Inter-BBS Scores
Mega Slots Inter-BBS Scores
Zombie Slots Inter-BBS Scores

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