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Welcome to Flowerchild's commune


Flowerchild's Commune

...Peace and love to all who enter my home...



It's me, flwrchld66 (here are a few pictures of me for those of you who may be curious). Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kim, but flower is nice too. We were living in Oregon for 2 1/2 years and we just moved back to Northern California. It is so nice to be back with my family and friends!! I grew up in a small hippy town in Northern California (even more Northern than San Francisco), hence the name flowerchild, 66 is the year I was born. To set the record straight, I do not own a lava lamp or a v.w. bus and I do shave my legs. I am 5'7", I have short blonde hair and green eyes. I am married to a math teacher (at a University AND a Junior College), his name is Guy. I was a stay at home mom of six year old identical twin girls; Andrea and Maloree (click here to see my girls.). I work as a back office medical assistant, which is what I did before I had the girls. I also have a red tail boa named Bagheera Kaa (also affectionatley known as "Baggy"). He is beautiful and wonderful with my kids, who love him almost as much as I do. I finally have a picture , take a peek if you want. I found this great link on red tail boas , check it out if you are interested.

Another passion of mine is music, I listen to a lot of different kinds, but Bryan Adams will always be my number one. Other people I like are: Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, Elton John, Cusco, Kenny G, Bette Midler,Alan Jackson,Blues Traveler(does anyone else think this guy sounds like Cat Stevens?), The Monkees, Elvis (this one is for my mom!!), John Mellencamp and Enya. Her music is so beautiful and soothing, but then I have a weak spot for anything Irish.

Speaking of Irish, I would like to send a hello and a big hug to Mo chroi Lonely Celt.

I would like to give a warm welcome to Crystal66, Vince's bunch, my Dad (Dennis), my Mom (Gayle) and my sister Kristin and Chris, her boyfriend. Have fun in cyber world!!

Well, I think that about covers it for now, I think I have bored you nice people long enough. If you don't mind, please sign my guestbook, I like to know who has come visiting.

Blessed Be!






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