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Fan Tan Great Dane

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The 2002 Fan Tan Dane Gang Members, were DNA tested on June 15, 2002 and entered into the UC Davis Canine Genetic Research Study. Fan Tan Danes have been DNA tested with the AKC, and have individual genetic markers as of 2011. [see explanation below for those dogs whose DNA will not be available in the AKC data base.

Fan Tan Danes has achieved the 5 generation Color Code of Ethics by-law rule required by the Great Dane Club of America for admittance into that club. It has been a slow process spanning over 12 years begining in 1995, with black to black breedings.
Photographs on this website are the private property and Copyrighted by HoofPrints Equine Photography. If you are interested in a photo, please use the email below and contact me at or I recently found out that someone had used at least one of my photographs and uploaded to a website for download as a desktop wallpaper, this was done without my permission and I have only just recently found out about it. The photograph was downloaded 3699 times and is a violation of copyright. Since I had a business license for HoofPrints Equine Photography in the 1990's and sold individual prints, starting at $20.00 for a 5x7 print, this has turned into a $75000.00 loss of my copyrighted work. I have always retained control over my photos. Of course when I was HoofPrints, I did not have the internet so my income was far less than what this amount it. It also has meant that a loss of future income for that one photograph as it has been given away for free to 3699 people. And the photograph is from this website and my other website Blue Diamond Great Dane. It has also caused a lot of confusion for me as the puppies in that photo were sold in 2008 and are now adults. My name for the photo is called TheFour Danes of the Apopcalpse... If you have been here before, I am sure you have seen it. It was uploaded on Dec. 24, 2012 right before midnight. A $75,000.00 loss of income is a hefty sum and I have still to hunt down the different sizes that were downloaded, as if the downloads were prints, the price of the photograph rises. So the loss is expected to be more than just the figure. I am not giving out the url for the website as I took due care and contacted the website owner requesting that the photograph be removed.
My photographs have never been public property, and most of my old customers would buy a photo and then ASK if they could place the photo in Horse Show Magazines and one woman on her checks. The people who developed the photo refused to release or use the photographs unless they had a written release to use it in their publication or in the case of the personal checks, the check company. Most professional understand this and respect this. ANNOUNCEMENT AKC DNA has been returned and there should be a DNA Registration number on all but 3-4 dogs in the AKC DNA database to the 5th. generation. 2012 is the first year I began to DNA my females with the AKC database, prior to that 2 of my males and one other male I had sold in and around 2000 had a DNA #. We have had 2 litters of puppies since 2004. Most of my litters are small between 8-10 pups. The dogs that will not have DNA listed are: Lady Sophye of Waterfall Farms, and her DNA will not be available at UC Davis as I returned her to her breeder before I swabbed the other dogs. Kit's is also missing as his owner did not DNA him, I called her up to check. Akerwoods No Heo A Malia call name Sassy, and Fantans Little Girl, BlueDiamonds Rhapsody in BluBelle, Fantans Miss Blue Bayou were swabbed but thier DNA profile is at UC Davis. I found the paperwork on the dogs I sent to the Genome Study at UC Davis in my notebook. Those swabs were sent in on June 15, 2002. There was one unregistered puppy that had not been sold yet and therefore she did not have a registration number yet.
Ads "were" running in the Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Stockton Record and the Orange County Register home delivery newspapers. Ads were running begining Oct.25th 2011 and on the 3-4 day weekends. I Ran ads daily from mid October to mid January or February in the OC Register. Began running an ad in the SAC Bee mid January., Pups and something in the midwest, so many I can't even recall how many ads I placed online and in the newspapers.
I also recommend that you get a 5 generation color pedigree from AKC when you register your new puppy, so you can see the DNA Registration Numbers. DNA tests used over the years, PE, Celera, MMI, and now the SCIDERA which has more markers to identify the individual dogs. See AKC.ORG for more information about their DNA Registration. It takes 6-8 weeks to process the swabs, but it is interesting to see how these dogs differ and are alike since it spans over 12 years of DNA. The dogs must be registered with AKC. I felt it was necessary to go the extra mile and have my dogs DNA'd so there is no question where bloodline orginated.
All of my dogs are blue, the older ones do start graying around their mouths and bodies as they are getting older. The last litter that had a puppy with a white sock was Grace's litter and she is two generations from Sassy. All the other pups have a small amount of white generally on thier toes and minimal white or no white on their chests.
Someone told me years ago to breed back to a black to keep the blue a true blue, I have not found that necessary, in fact, their coats are all steel gray blue or gunmetal gray.
I have been asked frequently if I provide Stud Service, I DO NOT provide Stud Service, I have been using two domain names since 2002 for various reasons, but I have only had 2 litters of puppies since 2004. In 2004 I had a litter of 8 out of Fantans Steely Dan and Fantans Rhapsody in BluBelle on July 17, 2004 and another litter out of Fantans Miss Blue Bayou and Hildydanes Imperial Prinz on July 19, 2004 [I need to check my records for number of pups Missy Whelped]. I then had a litter of 10 in 2008, from Kit and Skylar. The most recent litter of 8 I have had was whelped on Sept. 8, 2011. I am not a Rescue, I use credit cards to pay for the needs of my dogs and litters, so nothing if free. The cost to keep animals is on the rise from Dog Grooming, Training, Leashes and collars, Kennels, Crates, litter registration with AKC, Newspaper ads, online websites to advertise dogs, Food, Electricity, Veterinarian Costs, Cost of Vaccinations have also risen, by 600% from 2008. Replacement costs for damages caused by dogs chewing on items, including prescription eye glasses. I don't get paid for my time when I sell a pup.
If you got here via a BING search, of jpgs, Bing mixed up the jpgs with other blue danes, not all the jpgs are from these bloodlines. Life is getting rather confusing these days on the internet.........I did not ask BING to put my photos in their search engine, those little enterprisers did that all by themselves.....And NO, I do not have an puppies available......Thank you for your interest in a Fan Tan Great Dane V. Blue Diamond. Link to Blue Diamond Great Dane

Thank You,
Have a Great Dane Day !!
Fan Tan Great Dane

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Skylar; Whelped on July 19th, 2004. Dam: Fantans Miss Blue Bayou and Sire: Hildydanes Imperial Prinz; photo taken at age 6 months. See photo of Imperial Prinz in the Blue Diamond Great Dane photo album. TJ is now 9 years old and will turn 10 next July 8, 2012. We celebrated with dog cookies and we celebrate for 2 days because he was whelped in Australia, so I am not sure which day to celebrate his birthday. Skylar is now 8 years old and will turn 9 next July 19, 2012, and Grace, her half sister out of TJ or Prinz and Rhapsody in BluBelle, turned 9 on Dec. 18, 2011. All have been DNA'd Registered this year with AKC and on file in their database.

FanTans Steely Dan
Danny; Age 4 years.


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