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Some of The Faeries in My Garden

Here are a few of my friends... And I don't care what anyone says... I DO HAVE FRIENDS!!

Just a little note... This page is still under construction. Like everything in my life!!:)

I've decided to take all the pics off this page and give them their own page. This saves you a lot of time just waiting for some stupid pictures!! Please check all of them out....See who makes my life extra special. And hey! If you think you'd like to frolic in my garden just send me a picture and I'll find you your own flower to sit on!

Anna This is one of my best friends...but she left me....

The Man's racing buddy!

Cal, Rydia and Sadie These are my "children".

The Hubby Exactly what you think!!

My Family The people who drive me completely insane!

Ride, Sally, Ride My friend and her sweet family.....

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