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Twin Minolta Autocords

Photo from the 1962 book (revised 1971) "The Complete Book of Nature Photography" by Russ Kinne.

He either doesn't notice what a great stereo rig he has. Or is a closet 3D'er and doesn't want to own up to his flat photography friends. [Note: the previous statement was meant to be humorous. No insult is intented towards Mr. Kinne - Greg.]

Humor aside, I would estimate the stereo base at about 110 to 120 mm (assuming Autocords are about the same width as Diacords). I'm not sure how he advances the film of the second camera. Probably would be a slow process to push the crank handle around for one turn by sticking one's fingers into the gap between the two cameras.

Still, a setup like that would take very nice (albeit slightly hyper) stereo photos.

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