Ten Foot Long Superbar for Hyperstereo Photos
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Ten Foot Long Superbar for Hyperstereo Photos

This photo shows the 10' bar supported by two tripods. The center camera is a broken Diacord and it is being used as the viewfinder. The end cameras are Ricohflex's (Model VII and a Super Ricohflex). The plates holding the cameras were all shimmed so that the three cameras all point in the same direction vertically and horizontally. The tripod spacing is the maximum it could be while still allowing me to reach both tilt handles for aiming the cameras up and down.

This is a closeup showing how I extended my 8' "bigbar" into a 10' "superbar". 1x1" angle aluminum was used. It is attached to the 1x1" square tubing using two #10-32 screws with wing nuts. With one screw removed the 2' extension folds back over the square tube for ease of carrying. (The 8' section comes apart in the middle too).

Here's a photo from the big day (Canada Day 1999). There are now 5 cameras on the bar since I let my brother Pat put his two 35mm SLRs on the bar too. His cameras are placed over the tripods (about 5' apart) to avoid flexing my bar due to their weight. I am holding my two new 40" cable releases to trip the two Ricohflex's at the same time. My two year old daughter Beth couldn't stand to be without me :) Pat brought his tripod along so I had two matching ones in this photo. The black wires dangling in front of me are the electrical cable release for Pat's two Pentax Super Programs.

This photo shows the original 8 foot bar. It is made from a single piece of 1x1" by 8' square aluminum tubing. I cut it in half (for easy transport) and made a bracket in the center to allow it to be rigidly held together. This photo also shows the original wood and aluminum "sliders" that the cameras attach to. They can be placed at various separations along the bar, but need to sit over one of the holes so that the thumb screw holding the camera can fit inside. The two nylon bolts on the rear hold the sliders in place for any reasonable tilt angle (ie. not upside-down).

When I enlarged it into the 10' version I added fixed mouning plates since I don't expect to use the varible separation feature.

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