Super Ricohflex TLR
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Super Ricohflex TLR

A fully manual 6x6 format camera, without light meter, using knob film advance with "red window". Some models can use 35mm or 127 film (with two separate adapters). Using 127 film requires a Super Ricohflex with the multiple red windows on the back (plus the insert). Click here for photo. Some Super Ricohflex's came with the Auto-Stop feature (though the red window was still present). It was also available as a user installed option.

Only the differences from (my) Model VII are noted.

  • Taking lens: 8cm f3.5 Anastigmat, same as VII but with more surfaces AR coated. On my Super Ricohflex all 6 surfaces are AR coated. This improvement over my Model VII may be due to the Super being a higher model or just because mine was made later. I have never noticed a difference in contrast between my VII and Super. And I use them for taking stereo photos so I take simultaneous shots under the same lighting conditions with both of them. (I always shoot with len shades ever since I have got them.) Lenses on later model cameras may be labeled 80mm.

  • Shutter: Riken shutter has two additional speeds (compared to VII): 1/10 and 1/200. The shutter cocking lever on mine is in a different location than the VII. It is below the taking lens, rather than at the 8 o'clock position of the VII. Other Super Ricohflexes have the cocking lever in the 8 o'clock position (this type appears to be more common than my type). The leaf shutter has three blades. Later models may have Riken shutter which has speeds from 1/10 to 1/300 plus a self timer.

  • Viewing lens: 8cm f3.5 Same as VII but all 6 surfaces are AR coated.

  • Flash: My camera is synced for electronic flash (X-sync) only. The 1/50 speed is marked in red which appears to indicate that it is the only flash sync speed. (On my camera the flash sync is a bit off at all speeds so I can't tell for sure). Mine has a PC connector. A coldshoe is provided at the top of the left side (viewed from behind the camera). The factory installed Auto-Stop camera I know of doesn't have the cold shoe (it is present on the case).

  • Film advance: same as VII. But the advance knob has a "film minder" dial that helps you remember whether there is colour or B&W film in the camera, and its speed. Some models have the Auto-Stop feature. This is known to be a factory and a user installed aftermarket option.

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