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Super Ricohflex with Auto Stop

The Auto Stop installation sheet (see below) shows how to install the Auto Stop unit in your Ricohflex and how to use it. So it was a user installed option. Some Ricohflex's were fitted with this feature from the factory. They still had the red window on the door.

Photo courtesy of, and copyright 1998 by, Betty and Roger Reinke.

Notice the extra bump at the advance knob. This contains the autostop mechanism. Also notice that the shutter cocking/firing lever is in a different location (8 o'clock) than my Super Ricohflex (6 o'clock position). This indicates that this camera has a different version of the Riken shutter than mine. From photos of Super Ricohflex's up for auction on ebay the 8 o'clock style appears to be the more common type.

Larger version of instruction sheet.

See this camera with various accessories: photo.

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