Sputnik Lens Shades
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Sputnik Lens Shades

Unable to find lens shades for my Sputnik, I found a way to make my own. I used the top and bottom of a white pill bottle (see photo) but you can make some with a common plastic plumbing item. Notice that my two shades aren't exactly the same, due to using the top and bottom of the pill bottle. Your's will match if you follow the instructions below.

Go to a store that carries plumbing supplies and buy two 1 1/4" test caps. The 1.5" ones are common but the 1 1/4" are less common so you may have to go to a real plumbing supply store. At my store they called them "soft poly" test caps and they come in gaudy colours like blue and orange. I have seen the 1.5" ones in black so you might also be able to find 1 1/4" ones in black. I paid $1.29 CDN each for mine and later saw them at a different store for $0.99 each.

When you get them home carve a circular hole in the end of the test cap that will friction fit over the lens barrel on the Sputnik. Use a sharp utility knife and try to get the hole centered. Next, you will need to lock your shutter open on B and check for vignetting. You will probably have to cut off about 1/4 to 1/2" to eliminate corner vignetting.

Now you need to finish the insides. If you managed to find black ones then just remove the sheen with some coarse sandpaper. If you have blue or orange rough up the inside and paint them using Testors flat black enamel (model paint). Another idea is to glue the blacked flocked paper (that Edmund Scientific sells) on the inside surfaces.

Enjoy your sub-three dollar lens shades.

Click here for a bigger (2D) photograph.

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