Diacord G TLR
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Diacord G TLR

A fully manual 6x6 format camera without light meter, using knob film advance with automatic stop at next frame. Released in 1958 and sold for $56.50.

Only features different from Diacord L are listed.

  • Taking lens: 8cm (=80mm) f3.5 Rikenon. Same as Diacord L. Some cameras were sold with the 3 element f3.5 Riconar lens (Photo). On these cameras the viewfinder lens is also labelled Riconar Correction: the Riconar cameras are the Ricohflex model, not the Diacord G. That is my current understanding.

  • Shutter: Citizen-MXL and has speeds of 1-1/400 plus B. Shutter cocking and firing is the same as Diacord L. Later models have the same Citizen shutter going to 1/500.

  • Aperture: f3.5 to f22*. Has 10 aperture blades (vs 5 in the Diacord L) which should form nearly round out of focus highlights. (* The Diacord G manual states f16 is the min aperture but a contributor reports that his goes to a marked f22. So it could be an error in the manual or a change to the model over time.)

  • DOF scale: Same as Diacord L.

  • Viewing lens: 8cm f3.5 or f3.2 (same as Diacord L).

  • Finder: Same as Diacord L.

  • Meter: None.

  • Focusing: Same as Diacord L.

  • Film advance: Same as Diacord L.

  • Film changing: Same as Diacord L.

  • Flash: The shutter can be set for X (electronic strobe), M (flash bulbs) flash sync or V ( for self timer). Flash connection is done though the PC connector on the front or the hot shoe on the top left hand side.

PC connector is in different location than Diacord L (upper right instead of lower right). The right photo shows a Diacord G with a Ricohflex nameplate.

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