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The P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society

Milburn, O'Leary RR#2
Prince Edward Island
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How Do We Achieve This Mission

A horse owner wanting thier horse to continue to lead a productive life after thier athletic career is over would donate that horse to the P.E.I. Equine Society.  We would then care for the horse until we can find a suitable adoptive home.

What About Our Facilities

The Headquarters of the P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society is located in Milburn in western P.E.I., near the community of O'Leary.  We have recently completed construction of a new barn which houses our operations.  The barn houses six horses and provides short term feed storage as well as the office of the P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society.  A nearby barn on the property is used for long term feed storage.  The Society is located on a 40 acre farm so the site has ample pasture and turnout space available.

Is The Horses Welfare Insured

Quite Simply Yes!  The welfare of the adopted horse is of primary concern to the P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society.  Anyone interested in adopting a horse from the Society must first fill out a detailed application form which is followed by an interview.  This will help us determine if the person is able to look after the horse.
If an applicant meets our approval, we then procceed to match the person with the horse that best suits thier needs and abilities.
Before an applicant can take possesion of a horse they must sign a legally binding adoption agreement which states that they may not sell, trade, lease, give away, or race the siad horse.  The agreement also sets outs guidelines which must be followed for nutrition, vaccinations, worming, hoof and dental care, as well as overall care.   Everything from the stall construction to fencing material is looked at by Society when considering applications.  A $400 earnest fee is also to be paid by the adopter at the time of adoption.
Once adopted out the horse will be checked on at regular intervals by the Society's representatives to ensure that the horse is being cared for according to the standards contained within the adoptive agreement.  If it is apparent that any horse is not being cared for in a satisfactory manner, the P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society reserves the legal right to reposses the horse in question.
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Last modified: July 17, 2000