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Elongated Coin Gallery Cross-Indexes

Since 1961 nearly a dozen different numbering systems have been used to identify individual elongated coins. Lenard L. Babin's 1961 work Elongated Rolled Out Cents presented the first such system. In 1965 Dottie Dow published The Elongated Collector and introduced what has come to be known as the 'Martin-Dow' system as it was used in Yesterday's Elongateds (Lee Martin's revision of Dow's original book). Between the publication of these two works individual rollers and engravers began utilizing their own numbering systems as well. Then, in 1991, Angelo Rosato published The Encyclopedia of the Modern Elongated cataloging approximately 4000 elongates with his own system. Most recently, beginning in 1997, the Elongated Coin Gallery began work on The ECG Catalog of Elongated Coins using a unique numbering system derived from many prior efforts.
    As most coins are listed under two, or occaisonally three or more, systems a fair amount of confusion has naturally been generated. The Elongated Coin Gallery has published the cross-indexes below to assist collectors in properly attributing their coins. The cross-indexes were made based on images and written descriptions in the various works and are as accurate as possible. Bear in mind, however, that since the original coins used in the compilation of the various works were not available to the creator of the cross-indexes they may not be 100% accurate.
    As the ECG library expands more works will be listed below. If you have created cross-indexes between any systems and would like to have them published on this page, please contact Anne Kee.
    Questions, comments or corrections to the cross-indexes themselves should be sent to Chris Aahz.


Multi-System Cross-Indexes

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