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Errata For Elongated Coin References

Nothing created by human beings can ever be truly perfect, and that includes reference works on elongated coins. These errata sheets have been compiled by Chris Aahz under the sponsorship of the Elongated Coin Gallery in order to help clarify confusion caused by typographical errors in some publications. When input has come from other sources they are credited at the beginning of the errata sheet.
    Inclusion of an errata sheet for any particular work is not intended as criticism of that author's work. As authors we respect the time and energy poured into these works often for no greater reward then personal satisfaction. Lack of a sheet for any work most likely means that either we do not possess a copy of that work or have not spent enough time with it to create an errata sheet as of yet.
    If you are aware of errors in any work related to elongated coins not contained in any of the listings below, please contact Chris Aahz.

Errata Sheets

This page created and maintained by Anne Kee under the sponsorship of the Elongated Coin Gallery.