Links to Laughter!!!

Welcome everyone to my page of Links to Laughter
Funny Stuff Central is a place where you can find tons of funny stuff *hence the name* from pick up lines to blonde jokes to bumperstickers. I highly recommend this page to anyone who loves to laugh.
This site,Misc. Humour is pretty well explained in the title. This page has a lot of things too.
Now, Bert is Evil is one of my favourite sites. It's funny in a kinda stupid way. I'm a fan of Sesame Street but this may offend other fans. It's worth the visit though!
Joke WareHouseis another site with lots to laugh at!
Beavis and Butthead Pick Up Lines. THe name speaks for itself!
Worlds Worst Pick Up Lines is also a great site for some laughs!
Everyone loves those crazy thoughs of Jack Handey as they're played on SNL, from here you can check them out at Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts
The jokes on this page make you think a little more so Enter with caution!
Hope you can find the laughs your were looking for!
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