My friends are the most important people in my life. Here is a list of some of my closest friends. SARAH F One of my best friends. I can always turn to you! Thanks for listening to me wine! We've had a lot of good times together! Always remember ENIGMA 97 & Supernova 98!And remember... RED means STOP! *haha* We're so going to rock the school and ASG next year! I LOVE YOU! SHAUN H You rock my world! You've helped me so much and not just by saving my sorry stranded butt from the hospital. Always remember our trips to Taco Bell and McDonalds!! I LOVE YOU! MARTA Also my best friend. Thanks for being there for me! So when do you want to tour Europe??? "Veggie on brown please!" SARAH B We've been friends since nineth grade. Maybe one day we'll build SKY PICS 4!!! You rock! ANDREA You can always make me laugh!!! Always remember ENG 2A1, you skanky slutting whore! *ha*. Let's have a moment of silence for COPENHAGENS and what it was. *sob* YOU ROCK MY WORLD CHRISTINA You are halrious! And you give the best advice! Thanks for all your help! I LOVE YOU JENN You too, can always make me laugh! BE CAREFUL! CINNOMON CAN CAUSE CANCER. We should get together soon! DEVON Always remember August 97, Match Box 20 rocks! You're awesome! Tell Nikki I say TODD, TODD TO ISLE 3. You are the coolest person I know! I love you! PAUL You are awesome! I Love you! JENN N Remember "I'm talking Your Not!"? Always remember grade nine! TANYA You are awesome! You have a lot to offer the world, don't forget that your great! ELAINE See you at work!
Well that's all I can think of right now. There are many other I haven't mentions here, but know I love ya all! Don't forget to email me!