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Why Dogs and Cats Die in Shelters

IRRESPONSIBILITY: People don't spay and neuter their pets. It's black and white- you are either part of the solution to overpopulation, or part of the problem. Animals don't choose to reproduce and they don't choose to die in shelters - we let them. And guess who pays?

LACK OF COMMITMENT: A dog or a cat is for keeps - a lifetime commitment to an intelligent creature. A dog offers unconditional love to it's owner/guardian - this person represents their whole world. Treating dogs as disposable items to be given up for reasons such as a move, not having (not making) enough time, is both irresponsible and cruel. Pets must be trained. Most animals taken to shelters due to behavior problems were never trained in the first place.

BREEDERS: The majority of the "pure-bred" dogs you see for sale in pet stores and newspapers are from breeders who breed puppies to make money. A third of the dogs killed in shelters each year are purebred. And still the "puppy mills" and "backyard breeders" keep breeding... There is no need to intentionally breed dogs while millions continue to die in shelters. There are breeders who carefully breed dogs in a responsible manner with the intent of improving a breed, but these specially bred dogs are not necessarily the best for a family pet. If a family is looking for a pet, and millions of loving dogs and puppies are looking for homes, why not adopt instead of buy? We see all shapes, sizes, and colors of dogs, both pure and mixed breeds. Let us know what you are looking for by calling us or coming to one of our adoption days and we can help you.

There should never be puppies that were bred unintentionally because ALL family dogs should be spayed or neutered.

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