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Who We Are

We are a volunteer group concerned with the welfare of dogs and puppies in need. We rescue stray and abandoned dogs and puppies from shelters (governmentally operated animal control units) to prevent them from being killed: in EXCESS of 12 million die each year. We provide foster homes for these animals, and search for well-matched, loving, responsible and commited homes. We promote ourselves through organizations such as pet suppliers, humane societies and veterinarians, and through posters, flyers, newspapers and private referrals. We work hard to raise public awareness with regards to the severe pet overpopulation problem - and equally severe methods used in trying to overcome this problem - euthanization.

We educate on the VITAL importance of SPAY & NEUTER, one of the only positive steps that can be taken to minimize overpopulation - to save the unborn before they are born. As a volunteer-run group we rely solely on donations and adoption fees to fund our work.

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