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Our Objectives

Rescuing dogs and puppies from the shelters is merely putting an "elastoplast" over the problem. Dog Savers Rescue believes there should be stricter Spay/Neuter laws, that should be enforced. The acts that the shelters are having to perform "behind the bars" IS A CRIME. It should be treated as such. We would like to see a compulsory spay/neuter law enforced in this country, with heavy penalties attatched if not adhered to, and selective breeding only after an agreed to period of time. We would like to see free or minimal cost Spay/Neuter clinics established all over the country, to meet this need and these clinics should be subsidized through governmental aid. In the long term, this would be a cheaper (and certainly kinder) solution to the overpopulation crisis. It costs the government millions each year to perform the "dirty work", and the problem is never ending unless action is taken NOW.

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