Welcome to my Laboratory ladies and gentlemen!

What's up yo! This is Jonathan (AKA: El Indio, Doctor Amor, The_Aztec, Da Head Pimp, El Indocumentado, etc.) saying, "Welcome to my Laboratory". This is my bomb ass web pi-zage with links to all sorts of places in the World Wide Web. Just go down the page and just click on any link. Enjoy your stay homeboy!

¡No se aguite compa! Yo hice una pagina en Espanol para nosotros los Mexicanos, los Chicanos, los Latinos, y los Hispanos para que los gringos no se metan en lo que no les importa. Nada mas busque la "link" y oprima el "raton". Si no habla Español usted, ¡ya valio sorbete!

Now back to the lecture at hand! As I was saying, this page is now 100% complete. My link page and download page are now fully functioning. If you have any questions regarding my web page, my e-mail address is below so that you can send me your inquiries. Have a nice day!

Now I know that there will be some people that will come in here and say to themselves, "What type of doctor is this guy?", "I bet he's a quack!" Well to those people I say, "Shut your trap and click on the links you schmoes!" But before you click on any links and enter the heart of my lab, there is a legal waiver that I must state:

"I do solemnly swear by the Constitución de México (or the United States) that I am an adult over the age of 18 years. I am considered an adult In my country of residence and therefore I agree that by clicking on the below link, I will not be offended by the material presented; this material coming in the form of visual or auditory stimuli. I am capable of handling strong adult language and strong adult content. If I can't handle what I see, I will leave and not whine to authority figures, such as the Police, the FBI, Immigration, los Federales, or la Judicial about what's inside of the lab. But since I am strong, I will now click on the link to enter. Otherwise, I will leave quietly and never return until my mind matures enough to handle adult content".

Make thy choice:

I'd rather see the Disney page!

Here's how many people have entered the lab since December 1997:

You know what to do.

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