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Quick Links to Bulletin Boards, Misc. Good Stuff

Check for goodies for sale

DiveWeb Classifieds are back!! Help wanted ads & dive gear ads.

Classified Ads and Employment Listings Post & View Employment Ads for the Commercial & Sport Diving Industry, dive gear ads and more.

Commercial Diving Directory Bulletin Board Post & view all kinds of commercial diving ads.

Commercial Diving in the Pacific Northwest Post resumes, has a classifieds section. Great site. Graphic intensive.

Divework Bulletin Board Read comments & ads for dive gear. Post employment ads.

GUS-Diver Employment Post your resume.

ADC's Classifieds Association of Diving Contractors classified advertising.

Diamond Radio & Repair Diver's radios, comm boxes, video manufacture & repair.

Ocean Ray Wetsuits Good folks will make you a high quality suit cut to your specs.

Discount Divers' Supply (Seattle) used commercial & new scuba gear.

Divers' Discount Mostly scuba, new gear, good prices.

Classifieds 2000 - Sports Section Look for used wetsuits & scuba gear.

Scuba Duba Has Classified Section

Factory Authorized Dealer!
Click here to buy scuba gear online!

Misc. Links

"So.....You Want to be a Commercial Diver?" *MUST READ* if you're thinking of becoming a commercial diver.(Compliments of NAOCD).

N.A.O.C.D. National Association of Commercial Divers has some excellent articles. Resume postings.

COMMERCIAL DIVING in the Pacific Northwest has a classified section & free resume posting. One of the best new sites I've seen. Resume postings.

DAVE T's UNIVERSAL DIVERS EXCHANGE Brokers for Used or Surplus Commercial Diving & Related Equipment. Resume postings.

J.F. Brennan Marine Contractor, diving company in Wisconsin.

Recipes Recipes & links for Cajun, Creole, & goodies.

Poverty Island My Buddy Tony's site for Marine Surveys, Diving Service, Web Design, and Boatbuilding School.

Lighthouse Page Pics & info on lighthouses around the US.

Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Research LOTS of links to check out.

Great Lakes Shipping contains info on the ports & ships of the Great Lakes.

Blue Dolphin's Dive Paradise is a scuba / travel oriented site w/good pics.

U.S. Navy Diving & Salvage Training Center

Federico's Home Page; has Diving Bulletin Board

ABS Marine Consultants has more links than you'll know what to do with.

Steve Waterman Former UDT photographer. EXCELLENT pics !!

List yourself for work. U.K. based

The WET PAGE Inside opinion of the commercial dive industry.

SAFEDIVE Dedicated to promoting safe diving practices.

Mark Cleveland's DiversArt Commercial diver/artist turns out some interesting prints.

KILL! Kill those annoying pop up ads with this tiny (42k) utility program. WORKS GREAT!

Hotmail Web based free e-mail system

Argon vs Air as a drysuit inflation gas. (500kb PDF file) Reprinted here by permission of the UHMS

IWR - In Water Recompression Reprint of Richard Pyle's excellent article used by permission of UHMS and the Author. 280kb pdf file.

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Mark V helmet
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