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R.W. "Dick" Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.)


The Marines' Secret Execution!
~by Lee O. Miller~

June 1, 2001

The following information is provided in response to inquiries and requests for information received.

I first learned of the book, "The Marines' Secret Execution," from the author several months ago. At that time I sent out the author's provided pre-publication information (URL) to several individuals for purposes of information and discussion. Since then there has been both discussion and inquiries from Marines, and others, regarding the book. The book deals with the Marine Raiders, Guadalcanal, and the alleged execution of two Marines there in 1942.

In some cases, the responses were of a negative nature from those who disagree with the author's claim that an execution of two Marines had taken place by the Marine Corps, on Guadalcanal, in 1942. Others suggested that the author was not a Marine at all as he claimed, but then others stated that they had ascertained, through official records, that he indeed had served in the Corps.

Conversely, others inquired, expressing interest, as to how to contact Mr. Miller for more information, or how his book could be obtained.

My own interest was tweaked by these events, and I attempted to research this subject as best I could. I am presently in the process of reading the book at the present time.

I have also exchanged e-mail with the author, Lee O. "Dutch" Miller, who steadfastly maintains that the information in his book is factual.

Now, after much brouhaha, from several sources, his book is available.

Mr. Miller presently has a webpage on the WWW providing information regarding his book, together with his E-Mail address for those who wish to contact him:

E-Mail: Lee O. Miller:

Lee Miller on Tarawa On The Web...

Thus far in my reading, the book is both controversial and shocking, as promised! The book is written in a novel-like style, and is presented in e-book format. There are differences in certain things covered in the book, differences from accounts of things that I have previously read elsewhere. I am well aware, however, from my own experience, that in many cases, multiple writings on a certain topic may differ considerably on many points from one writer/writing to another--e.g., events, names, dates, etc.

The book's well known main theme of the executions may at first appear to overshadow the rest of the story, but it is well written, and quite interesting, a multi-faceted story. Mr. Miller is clearly a talented writer, and he demonstrates this as he unfolds the story of his own experiences, and that of other Marines and events involved as well.

What is my own conclusion regarding this book? Did these events actually occur as the author describes them? Was there a coverup, and, if so, how and why? How can the truth, in any case, be positively determined now at this late date? I do not know, and I cannot suggest answers to these puzzling questions. Of course, I have my own opinions, as will others, but in the final analysis there is no way I can prove or disprove the claims of either the author or his critics. I leave it to each and every interested individual to decide for himself, just as I must do.

Now that this book is available and before the public, it is no longer just a potential book that "might be" published; therefore it must be dealt with accordingly.

Hopefully, someone else may yet come forward who has knowledge related to this story and who may offer more information; or, possibly, someone who has the means to research much deeper into the facts will do so.

In all fairness to Lee Miller, his supporters, and those who oppose his book, I have tried to summarize here all information regarding this that I have been able to collect, and to provide information to those who would like to learn more of Mr. Miller and his story.

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Semper Fidelis

R.W. Gaines

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