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_____In my mind, "Head" is the greatest cinematic achievement in the entire history of film-making. Jack Nicholson certainly knows what he is doing. I've never seen "The Trip", but if its anything like "Head", sign me up! My favorite scene is the dance scene in which "Long Title (Do I Have To Do This All Over Again)" is playing. It's just something about psychedelia which hits me right here. The groovy colours, wacky special effects and amazing dance moves move me everytime I see it. I still remember the first time I saw "Head".

_____It was mid-December, 1997. I made sure I was comfortable and prepared myself as best I could. I was not sure how my senses would be tantalized -- I wasn't sure what to expect. Would it be like the Monkees' TV show's corny humour or would it be a psychedelic trip movie sprung from the drugged out "mind" of Jack Nicholson? I suspected and hoped it was the latter. An hour and a half later I was a changed person. The images, the deep inner messages, hit my soul and proceeded to puncture it until it sat there imbedded in my very being. In conclusion, if you haven't seen "Head", see it, and if you have and don't like it, you're nuts!

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