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Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen - Cyber-Fan Connection

This site is brand new on the 4th of December. I am Elee from Burbank. This site will have fan stuff like a chat room, poll booth for voting, basic info, newsletters, and lots of other things if you help! This will not be an average page, with all things that the others have, it is original and for the fans, not to inform you of everything about Mary-Kate and Ashley. Fan stuff... you deserve it. You are dedicated to liking the twins and this will be your reward... they would be so happy!



The results are in!! Coming in at a whoppin' 63 out of 109 votes is:
  • The Olsen Twins Superstar Web Site!
    Tied for second with 29 votes each:
  • Trenchcoat Twins Home Page
  • You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Home Page
    The rest of the votes were mostly all variety.

    Thanks to everyone who participated! Winners can pick up their awards now.

    If you are looking for fellow fans to connect with... try this chat! It is not mine.
    Note: Some jerks say foul languange and such or pretend to be or know the Olsens. This is not usually true so don't believe everything you hear. BE CAUTIOUS. If someone is causing fights, leave. Don't give out personal information. If you play it safe, it can be alot of fun.

    Note: I don't have a scanner yet so all my pictures will be from other places. The cover picture is Peter's.

    NEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the awards you can win from me in the vote:

    The best one will get the first award. My other favorite will get the second. I hope you will all partcipate.

    COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    The Olsen Twins Are Best Known For:

    Top-Notch Links for Olsen Fans

    You're Invited to Betty's Mary-Kate and Ashley Home Page [favorite] [official]
    The Olsen Twins Superstar Web Site [favorite]
    Trenchcoat Twins Home Page [has cool pictures]