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CyberChurch is continually working to provide you quality content in a cutting edge format. Presently we are developing a new look and we will be trying some new technologies, so check back often to see our progress.

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Check out the pages listed below and know THERE IS MORE TO FOLLOW;

CyberChurch's - RIVER of GOD, Revival Report Page;

This site keeps you informed on what God is doing, where God is doing it - in this revival/renewal movement that is being called, "The River of God."

NEW REVIVAL-FIRE Discussion Conference;
This email discussion group is explained on the attached link. Check it out - Better yet, sign up and start submitting.

CyberChurch's - HOT LINKS TOO, Some of the "hottest" Christian links;
CyberChurch's - PRAISE & WORSHIP, Resources to those with a heart of Worship (multiple pages)
CyberChurch's - LEADERSHIP PAGE, Pastors & Spiritual leaders site;
CyberChurch's - SECULAR RESOURCES, Various resources of interest;


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We pastor at Christian Life Fellowship, Quincy, Ca. We're praying and preparing for a mighty move of God in our area, which will come to be known as, The Feather River Revival. Call it presumptuous, we'll call it faith.

UPDATE: We've appreciated all the prayers, keep them up ! God is showing us the first fruits of renewal. Our pursuit of His presence is only as persistant as our passion. He is increasing our passion by revealing to us our purpose. Our Purpose, our passion, our persistance and our pursuit is intensifying.


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Rev. Stephen R. Jones.

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"Let the River Flow, The Fire Burn and the Wind Blow!"
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This Christian Webring site is owned by
Rev. Stephen R. Jones.

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