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Transformers in my collection

Note: unless indicated, these transformers are NOT for sale. They were gone from my life once and this time around I will not lose them again!
Generation 1
Blaster, Omega Supreme, Trypticon (w/ Brunt and Fulltilt), Brawl, Rewind,
Steeljaw, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Warpath, Starscream, Runamuck, Cosmos, 
Grimlock, Canadian Crosshairs, Grapple
Generation 2
hero Optimus Prime, hero Megatron, Ransack, Beachcomber, Seaspray, Dirtbag, 
Road Rocket, High Beam, Double Clutch, gobot Ironhide, gobot Bumblebee,
Frenzy, gobot Optimus Prime, gobot Megatron, Roadblock, laser rod Optimus
Prime, Gearhead, Mirage, Soundwave, Skyjack, Strafe, Jetfire, Hooligan,
cyberjet Air Raid, Turbofire, Gobots, Rapido, Roadpig, Space Case, 
European Transformers
Spark and Colossus (Generation 2 Obliterators)
Beast Wars
bat Optimus Primal, crocodile Megatron, Rattrap - signed by Scott McNeil, 
Scorponok, Armordillo, Razorbeast, Onyx Primal, Blackarachnia, Wolfang, 
McDonald's panther, Insecticon, Terrorsaur - signed by Doug Parker,
Tripredacus (Cicadacon, Ramhorn and Seaclamp), fuzor Silverbolt - signed by
Scott McNeill, Razorclaw, Snarl, Airhammer, videopack Airazor, Mcmetal
Scorponok, Mcmetal Blackarachnia, Mcmetal Dinobot, Quickstrike, tml Rattrap,
tml Waspinator, Vicegrip, Antagony, tml Airazor, Magnaboss (Silverbolt, 
Prowl and Ironhide), Optimal Optimus, Bantor, Drillbit, Powerpinch, 
Terragator, tml Optimus Primal, tml Terrorsaur, Depth Charge, Buzzclaw, 
Scavenger, Scarem, Optimus Minor, Injector, Torca, Sky Shadow, tml2 Dinobot, 
Noctorro, tml2 Cybershark, Windrazor, Sandstorm, tml2 Prowl, Scourge, 
Stinkbomb, tml2 Iguanus, Tigerhawk, tml Rhinox, tml Cheetor, Sonar, 
tml2 Blackarachnia, McDonald's Beetle, Poison Bite, mbw Razor Claw, Icebird, 
Shokaract, mbw Soundwave, tml Tigatron, tml2 Arcee
Machine Wars
Hoist, Prowl, Soundwave, Sandstorm, 
Beast Machines
mega Cheetor, Tankor, Mirage, Buzzsaw, Scavenger, Optimus Primal, deluxe 
Jetstorm, Longhorn, Striker, Obsidian, Blackarachnia, Thrust, supreme 
Cheetor, Che, Mechatron, Apelinq, McBM Optimus Primal, McBM Megatron, 
McBM Cheetor, McBM Jetstorm, McBM Thrust, McBM Tankor, McBM Nightscream,
ultra Jetstorm, McBm Rattrap, Megatron, Nightscream, Rav, Dillo, Mol, 
Quickstrike, Geckobot, Night Viper, Silverbolt,
Skydive, Blastcharge, Snarl, Tank Drone, Rattrap, Hammerstrike, Beast Changer 
(Savage/Noble), Sonic Attack Jet (Aerodrone), 
Strika, Night Slash Cheetor, Obsidian/Quickstrike 2-pack, Motorcycle Drone, Spy Streak, 
Battle Unicorn, blast punch Optimus Primal
Japanese Transformers
Arcee (model kit) - signed by Susan Blu, Elita One (model kit), Hot Rod 
(model kit), Junior Hero set (Chromedome, Convoy and Fortress Maximus), 
Microtransformer Rescue Squad - Holi, Fire, Pibo and Boater, Dai Atlas (w/ 
Speeder), Hotrow (G2 Jolt), Efectro (G2 Electro), Autovolt (G2 Volt), 
Tigatron (snowy white version), bwII Dirge, BigHorn, Autolauncher, Firebot 
(G2 Sizzle), Mantis, Dreadwing (w/ Smokescreen), Lioconvoy, bwII Galvatron, 
Autojetter, Clear Convoy, Bigmos, Hellscream, Guiledart, Dinobot, Tonbot,
Corahda, Machkick, Archadis, Break, Dead End, Dirgegun, Apache (B'boom), 
Heinlad, Waspitar (Waspinator; signed by Scott McNeil), Survive, Spinroad, 
Darkjet, Powerhug, Moon, Drancron, Jetkun (from the "My 1st TF" line), 
Rhinox, God Neptune (Halfshell, Terrormandar, Skylle, Coelagon and 
Seaphantom; BWII Seacons), Cheetus (Cheetor), Taransu (Tarantulas), red 
Convobat and purple Megalligator cd-rom set, Super Fire Convoy, Gigatron, 
Wildride, Gildo, Sharpedge, bwNeo Hardhead, bw Buzzsaw, JRX (J5, J7 and J4), 
Mach Alert, Gelshark, Build King (Build Boy, Build Hurricane, Buld Typhoon 
and Build Cyclone), Shodai Convoy (1984 Optimus Prime), Metals Jaguar 
(Ravage), Speedbreaker
Other transforming robot toys from Takara
Dugturbo and Dugwing - from the Dugon line
Black Watch Robo - from the '83 Microman line
Geki ryu jin (Strike dragon god) - formed from Rairyu (Thunder dragon) and
Fuuryu (Wind dragon)- from the Gao Gai Gar line
Mike?(maiku) and Baribarin - from the Gao Gai Gar line
Shadow Dugon - formed from Dugshadow, Guardhawk, Guardwolf and Guardtiger - 
from the '96 Dugon line
changetrooper Spinlee - from the '99 Microman line
changetrooper Drilljoe - from the '99 Microman line
God Silvarion; composed of Jetsilver, Starsilver, Drillsilver and
Firesilver - from the Goldran line
Galactic Trailer; a transforming truck/robot composed of building blocks 
like Lego's. From Takara's 1984 "Robotroid" line
Space Camper; a transforming RV/robot composed of blocks like Lego's.
Also from Takara's 1984 Robotroid line. (Or in Japan, "Bloccar World".)
Sonicbike - from the '99 Microman line
Death Garrygun - (recolored Skygarry) from the '95 Goldran line
Still other non-Takara transforming robot toys
CG-07; Armor CG (armored car) - from Bandai's "Change and Glow Robo" line
Patamon/Angemon - from Digimon
Beta-Bot (knockoff transforming combiner) formed from Beta Cougar, 
Beta Bear and Beta Hawk; also combine into Beta Gaia - a super 
vehicle. This is from a company named "East West Distributing Co." 
CG-06; Sports CG (sports car) - from Bandai's "Change and Glow Robo" line
To be continued...>;-) Last update: 12/23/2000