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Hey. Welcome to my re-designed home page. Just to let you know, this page is still under construction. Man, I hate that phrase. I have to come up with a new one - any ideas? Well anyway, I am 16 and I am a sophmore. I am homeschooled, but we are enrolled in a private school, created specifically for homeschoolers. I currently play 3 sports, Baseball, Volleyball and Basketball. I also attend woodworking classes at Palomar College. So far I have made 3 projects.

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Well, I guess I'll tell you about my site.  I have pictures of the 3 "Pine Wood Derby" cars I have done. You will see why I have that in quotes. I have an Adventures in Odyssey page. It needs a lot of work, but it should be done soon. Do you like to laugh? I have a page for just for you. As for charities, I have page dedicated to Canine Companions for Independence. Just click on it to find out more. Are you a sports car enthusiast? I have a Porsche site. This site is pretty popular. I recieve about 300 hits a week to it, but I have recieved as much as 400. I have designed/maintained a few sites over the past 3 years. Here are the sites:

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