Greetings and salutations, my name is Tim Van Boening, I'm 19 years old. My page has been up for over two years now, and I hope you enjoy it. But, in the unfortunate chance you or your family doesn't like my page, I don't really care. Goodbye...

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This is how it's like here in good ole' Palmdale, Californy!

The Boy Genius

-a hush falls over the Peanut Gallery-

"....ooooo...." the people say amongst themselves. "Is it real?" the children ask their parents. "Yes, but don't touch anything" the parents tell their children.

The mad boy genius who created all of it rubs his tired eyes and cups his hands to his ears, the vocal responce of all the people's words overtake him. The boy genious is suddenly overcome with laughter, manical laughter. Laughter fills the ears of all who look at his work, they stop and look at him queerly. The boy genious stops his laughter, looks at all of them triumphantly.

Again, a hush falls over the Peanut sound, no motion, just the people looking at the boy genius.

Then, in the back of the theatre, a little child utters a tiny sentence, "I like it here, it's warm and nice", and begins to laugh at his own echoed voice.

The people look at the tiny child lovingly. They once look at the boy genius with warm eyes. Then the silence that was once there is lost...the people begin to clap in riotious applause....

The boy genius just smiles, and bows...

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