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a site maintainted by Nicole Cimino
The World of Lully and Molière
a very short biography..
La page Molière
Jean-Baptiste Molière


Pictures from Tartuffe
this site contains a photograph of Molières grave


Molière Play: A Hoot and a Half
Molière the Merrier
Exclamations heard at a dress rehearsal of Tartuffe

Novel Sites

THE SUN AND THE WIND - Another play featuring Molière as one of the main characters.
Sun & Wind 2
Sun & Wind 3

SAD LAUGHTER - A play in Two Acts. Featuring Molière as one of the characters.
Sad Laughter 2
Sad Laughter 3
Sad Laughter 4

Molière Live Recitation chat

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Woes of Wit
Rise of the Bourgeoisie
A survey of recorded French opera (1670-1770)

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