The School Uniforms Page
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The School Uniforms Page

A place where two sided debate on unifoms runs free!

This Page is dedicated to my brother and anybody who has or ever had to wear a school uniform.
An Ode to Uniforms was inspired by the no uniform days they have at his school and the notion that uniforms are some how a permanent relief to the social stresses that are a part of everyday life.
I would just like to thank everyone for making this page the success it has become. Please continue to share this page with your friends as it is only through word of mouth that this page has become so successful! Over the next few months I am going to begin to brainstorm how to make this page even better as it has not been edited in over 4 years! Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the guest book and I will try to incorporate as much as I can into the upgrades. Thanks!

(c) 2001 Peter Houghton
An Ode to Uniforms and the cartoons are made and owned by Peter Houghton and may not be used with out consent. However, feel free to link to this page.

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