Dingo's Buffy / Willow Shrine
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Dingo's Buffy / Willow Shrine

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This is the only time I have had in a long time to update, but I will try to do well... I know the spelling is mostly wrong, and I have receved E-Mails asking for stuff, like the sounds and pictures on this site, please, if you have any problems downloading, hold SHIFT and click on the name of the sound or on the image and it should download, all images are free to copy as are the sounds so please; feel free to download or copy any of them for any use, thank you and PLEASE BE PATIENT! i know i spelled that wrong but please just give me some time, I am trying to find time to update.

Yours Always,


now on with the web page!!!!!

Hey, welcome to my page it's getting better.... i hope... but keep coming back and i will try to keep updateing as time allows... sorry i havent been doing it reguallrly but my scedule is sorta..... full so i gotta stay on my feet all day.

there is no contest going on 'cause someone won the last one and I cant think of another one! Please E-Mail me and tell me what kind of contest you would like to see.

First, my list of "I would like to say hi to" so that these people will be recognised as my friends.

I would like to say hi to Katrina if she is reading this "hi Katrina"

I gotta say hi to Cheryl my friend from Math class.

well one more person to say hi to and that's Isis "hello Isis"

can't forget Jimmy, hi Jimmy.... and his brother... and father, and sisters..... and his mother... thats all, his whole family, thats it.

well, on with the page as it was to be...

Buffy Summers is not the brightest girl in Sunnydale but she has other things on her mind. You know,like her love for Angel,(realy a vampire), her family and VAMPIRES yes that's right, vampires. In each generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness...

She is The Slayer.

so it was writen, so someone wrote it...

Willow is the bookworm of the bunch. A computer wiz. Willow is in love with Xander the, lets say, the dimmest of the group. He is a man of few brain cells and was once quoted to say, "To read makes our speaking english good." Well, back to the reason you came here, to get stuff for yourself. Go now,have fun. Everyone deserts me.

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