The Villain's Sidekick

by Stephen T. Brophy

The first book from Budget Press!

"I am in the middle of getting my ass handed to me by Houstonís favorite urban vigilante, Nightguard, when I remember I forgot to feed Mrs. Lady. As his armored shockwave glove sends me a good seven inches into the side of a brick wall, I feel the steel plate beneath my shaved skull vibrate, and probably dent a little, but Iím really thinking of little else besides my sweet girl howling at no one as she stands next to an empty food bowl in a dark, lonely fourth-floor walkup. I mean, what kind of asshole leaves a diabetic cat to fend for itself while heís out playing dress-up and fighting superdudes?"

When professional henchman Duke "HandCannon" LaRue runs afoul of the city's protector, Nightguard, and his spritely sidekick Twiliter during a routine smash and grab job, everything he thinks he knows about villainy, heroism, and making a fast buck is about to get turned on his steel-plated head. The job goes south in a hurry, and his supervillainous employer, Dr. Eye, is none-too-thrilled about it. But those complications are nothing compared to an unexpected custody visit from his six-year-old daughter, the kind of kid who thinks her deadbeat dad hung the moon, not tried to blow it up.

This is the very first installment of the Handcannon Chronicles!
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