Luncheon Duets or Solipsistic Soliloquies

by George Samson


According to common sense, language games, and a plethora
Of ordinary attitudes
That assert certainties for uncertainties,
I'm here with a woman with an auburn glow in her dark hair
In this imitation Italian ristorante drinking Chianti.

But I'm constantly and even inconstantly feeling
I'm someplace else drinking Chianti.

The only thing I have faith in is Chianti.
Chianti is my savior.

While talking to her who is drinking a Diet Coke,
I'm also talking to someone else who is not present.
I'm talking to a Slavic Teutonic blonde while we take a shower together
In a smelly little city near Rome.

I wonder whom I'm really with, the girl present or the girl absent.

Although I'm talking to two women, I'm so lonely sitting here.


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