My Snow-globe Life #5
by johnnie b. baker

Snow-globe stories included -
Cape of Good Hope
St. Louis
New Orleans

He went first. One - WHAM! Two - BAM! He did the internal sneeze thing he always did, closing
his eyes and trying to keep the explosion within, his face turning beat red. Next came my turn. I was slower
than Dan, always first preparing myself mentally for what was about to come. One - OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!
Donít wait go! Two - BOOM! I didnít do the internal sneeze like Dan, instead I sneezed loud and hard and wet.
I quickly covered my mouth as much as I could with my arm, covering it with the snot and saliva and speed that shot out.

I looked at the slime on my arm and noticed it was white. I licked some off my arm, and it was
just as I suspected, full of speed. There must have been $20 worth of drugs all over my arm. With Donís
encouragement, I licked my arm clean. We started taking bong hits and opened some beers to complete the buzz.

The night had officially began.


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