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My Snow-globe Life #4
by johnnie b. baker

People, places and things!

Snow-globe stories included -
The snowglobe of ultimate resignation
Santa Barbara
San Francisco
Jesus Christ
Star of David

From 1981-1993 the USA had two Republican presidents, Reagan and Bush I. Those were my fourteen to twenty-six years, my formative years. Well, not just my formative years, but, in 1992 in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, pretty much everyone I knew as well. I realize now I became a Democrat during the 1980 election, when I was a freshman in high school, before I could vote. I was afraid Reagan was going to get us in a war with the Soviet Union, and I believed that would lead not only to a nuclear Armageddon but a Godly one as well. The first election I ever voted in was the 1984 presidential election, for Mondale. My first vote, and the first for many of my peers, was for one of the biggest electoral losers of all time. So when the 1992 election came around, the stoned tattooed freaks of the Lower Haight, children of Reagan, were ready to explode. And we got our wish, Clinton. For the first time in our lives, the guy we voted for had won.

I lived right on Haight St., between Fillmore and Webster, across the street from Nikki’s. I worked at a pizza place down one block across Fillmore. I rented a room in a flat with three women. As night fell and the election results became known, the energy on the street began to rise. From the front stoop I watched the bars start to fill, the streets become crowded with people blowing off twelve years of steam. The girls started drinking and I joined them, making toasts that became increasingly violent towards Reagan. My friend Steve stopped by and we drank some more. After a few hours I found myself alone, so I ventured out into the party on the streets, the music blasting from Nikki’s providing a soundtrack as I walked out my door and down the street.

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