Angels and Pinheads

by David Miller

Firstly, I Never Said "that"

worn down now, not exactly patient,
nerves misfire, miss fire, ms fire
i'm Jell-O baby, mellow baby, hello baby
gone daddy, i'm on the verge, average, a veg
daddy, so i take a pill, a pill, oh, a pillow
gone to sleepin' with my eyes wide open
now gone to sleepin' with the moon and stars,
running down, the sheep, the sheep, running
out the barn door now, dream yet? I dream a
dream of me of me, a dream of vapor, dream of
time, no more, no time, not my sleep, perchance?
worn down nerves, i'm gone daddy, gone now,
running out of time, worn down nerves and gone.


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