The Budget Press Review #5 is 40 pages of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and full color art. Bisexual
cuckolding. Speed-freaks stealing porn and olive oil. Parental guilt over a dead child. Laughing penguins and
bleeding ears. Alice falling down the hole with booze and mushrooms. Loser musician boyfriends. Oral sex
on LSD. Fun stuff!! And since we're all out of copies, you can peruse the entire issue for free!

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Michael Andre
Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman

Stephen T. Brophy - They Saved Hitler's Brain
Kevin L. Donihe - A Loathsome Job

Kelly McClure - Re-claiming St. Patrick's Day
Patrick Killpatrick Strong - A Room with a Jew
johnnie b. baker - Megan

Alina Fox
Crystal Powell
Philip Taylor

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