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  • After Eight Years, It was time to create a P15 Website without banner ads and other junk. So please CLICK THIS TEXT and visit my new site. I think you'll like the change! I'll leave this old stuff up as long as people want to look at it, but the new site will get all the updates.
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  • Step back in time and enjoy a ride in my 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe
  • Click on the photo of my P15 Plymouth in front of the Santa Maria Coca Cola Bottling plant to see my image gallery of this car's "off-frame" restoration
  • Join the Golden State Region of the Plymouth Owner's Club.
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  • These patches were designed to be used for Plymouth club jackets. Numbers can be changed to match any model Plymouth. Currently all patches pictured are available in maroon or black. If you're interested or have comments, please email me. Thanks!

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    Let's see what this jacket would look like in the various Plymouth colors. Remember, your monitor settings may greatly change the actual colors! Those colors are (from top left to right): Sumac Red, Cruiser Maroon, Plymouth Gunmetal, Black, Batallion Beige w/dark gray sleeves, Batallion Beige w/Ivory sleeves, Charlotte Ivory, Airwing Gray, Kenwood Green, Balfour Green, Chevron Blue, Marine Blue

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  • Judy looks so sad. Must be that empty driveway. Let's see what a new P15 will do to cheer her up!

  • 95 Horses power the P15 Flathead 6

  • This reproduction patch of the 1940's Plymouth Flag now available. Contact me for details.

  • These were the 6 most common P15 fabric choices excluding convertibles and station wagons. The images are from an original dealers swatch card.

  • This is the combo of fabrics, windlacing, carpet and vinyl I used for my restoration. All materials except the carpet are from Lebaron Bonney (see link below) Click on Fabric Combo to see Before and After photos.

  • The mystery of the P15's color changing speedometer is solved by looking carefully at this photo. Light is shined on the prism/lens and directed at the rotating colored dyes on the shaft of the speedometer needle.

  • Click on the Thumbnails of cars below to see a larger, detailed image

  • An artist's rendering of the 1946 P15 interior. `47 - early `49 P15's did not have the pinstriped material on the door panels (see Jerry's car below).
    Jerry Calabough's P15 interior using Lebaron Bonney's material

  • Pictures from 1946 brochure showing the six P15 models
  • To view other Plymouth Owner's Classics or Old Plymouth ads, click on either the red convertable or the ad:

    Restoration Links:

    Plymouth Owner's Club
    Paint Sources
    Interior Fabric/Upholstery
    Rubber Parts
    Electrical systems
    Trim and Accessories

    If your interested in more information regarding Classic Plymouths, or you have some information you would like to share with me, please send a message to David Maxwell at: