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Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

 A device first created and tested in the 1930's by Dr. Royal Rife, and then lost to
humanity for the next 60 years. Dr. Rife's device
                    was tested in a 1934 clinical trial performed by Medical Physicians associated with the University of Southern California, at the Scripps Ranch in California. The results of this research experiment were that
                    14 out of 16 people in the test were pronounced cured of their Cancer in 60 days. The remaining two people were pronounced cured within the next 60 days.

    Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, M.D., was born in 1888. In the 1930's he had a research clinic at
    2500 Chatsworth Blvd in San Diego, California. Dr. Rife invented the most powerful
    microscope ever to detect disease, and he invented an equally powerful instrument to correct
    disease. His two-foot tall microscope weighed 200 pounds and had 5,682 parts.

    In the 1932 Dr. Rife and his new discovery was heralded as a savior to the world. He was
    pictured on the front page of the San Diego newspapers along with distinguished medical
    doctors from across the country. Even the President of the AMA boarded a train in Chicago
    and traveled all the way to San Diego to take part in the week long celebration.

    Dr. Rife's resonator machine was able to kill viruses of all kinds when it bombarded the virus
    with a certain frequency. Through his research, he determined what frequency would destroy
    which virus.

    But his celebration would suddenly come to an end. The medical establishment of that time,
    along with the pharmaceutical drug czars, seen this discovery as a financial bombshell to it's
    interests. Would people no longer need drugs to fight disease?

    So, Dr. Rife's supporters and the medical community as a whole turned on him, and launched a
    campaigned to discredit his work. And that they did. His world famous microscope was stolen,
    his equipment distroyed, his clinic burned in San Diego, and his manuscripts and works
    disappeared from the face of the earth.

    In 1971 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, M.D., died a penniless and broken man. His works never

    But, now over 60 years since his discovery, isn't it strange that his resonator has been revived
    and being used across the country today by clinics and doctors?

By the way, don't rush off to your local library to look up Dr. Rife and his then nationally
    recognized achivements. A number was really done on him, and it looks like his name has been
    wiped from the history books.

I have built a rife generator using software generated frequencies
and working on building a plasma unit.
I have seen some quite amazing results from this machine.
Anyone interested in knowing more on this email me.