All My Thanks

Here I want to recognize all the gracious and generous folks who have made invaluable contributions to my Kevin experience:

Rob Bartsch, whose encouragement and selflessness enabled me to transform my site from the merest whisper into a joyful noise, and who has been generous beyond measure.

Mike Rietzel (thatís Adam-Michael James to you!), my brother in spirit, if not in blood, who gave me the courage I needed to meet Kevin when he played an in-store at the Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa (and who was a wonderful travel companion on the four-bus ride it took to get there); who accompanied me to many other shows (and made a general nuisance of himself!); and to whom I cried the night I heard that Kevin was gone. Thank you muchly for scanning all the wonderful pix, you da bomb!

John Moreno, my bestest bud, for being there to share in my initial discovery of Toy Matinee and every Kevin moment since; for also accompanying me to the aforementioned shows; for being the first to cry with me when we heard that he died and continuing to be there for me whenever I cry again; and for loving Kevin as much as I do. Thanks for everything.

Al of Alís Records & CDs, the best (and only!) little prog shop in town (if you need further recommendation, consider that it was formerly frequented by Mr. Gilbert himself!). Not only does Al really know his stuff - just ask! - but he has been invaluable in feeding my Kevin jones, and made possible for me the healing experience of attending Kevís lovely memorial. Thank you, Al, youíre the coolest of the cool!

And many thanks to all the other players in the Kevin saga, who I may or may not have met personally, and who in some way contributed to this site or otherwise inspired it into being, including: Chris Beveridge, Jon Rubin, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bottrell, Chris Gilbert and his lovely family, Greg Gilbert, Cintra Wilson of Salon Magazine, Mark McCrite of the Rocket Scientists, the ever-patient and skillful Freedom at the now-defunct Megabyte CoffeeHouse, Michael Piper of The Wild Places, William Ricketts of MAG2, Francisco Morales of Aeon Music, Ed Wilson of Round Sounds, Sten Rasmussen, Par Winberg, Debbie Miller, Mike Ostrich, the benevolent and talented Christopher Kriz, and all the photographers, writers and miscellaneous folks who can stake claim to any of whatís posted here. I've endeavored wherever possible to credit them with their work, but in some cases I haven't had the information available. So if you're able to identify anyone I've neglected Ė or if you're one of the people I've not credited Ė then by all means, please let me know, and I'll remedy the situation immediately.

And, most of all, my deepest gratitude to Kevinís parents, Paul and Elizabeth, for the gift they gave us all.

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