Kevin Gilbert Articles

Here are a number of articles to entertain and enlighten you on the distinguished career of Kevin Gilbert, artist extrodinaire:

Yamaha's Sound Check (Down Beat)

An Interview With The Leader Of Giraffe, The Band That Won This Year's Version Of Yamaha's Annual, Non-Profit Rock Band Competion (AfterTouch)

Yamaha's Soundcheck Draws 5,000 Entries (Music Trades)

Toy Matinee (press release)

Producer Patrick Leonard Has A New Playground (Mix)

Toy Matinee: Wank Vibing In Public (Musician)

Toy Matinee (Cash Box)

Picks and Pans: Song - Toy Matinee (People)

Toy Matinee - Bringing Substance Back Into Top 40 (Pepperland Newsletter)

Toy Matinee (JAM)

Matinee: lecture for world (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Toy Matinee Gets Closer to Prime Time (Los Angeles Times Calendar)

The ballad of Toy Matinee - They just wanted to make a cool record (Ventura County Ca. Star Free Press)

Toy Matinee And The Rembrandts Paint A Pretty Rock Picture (Sacramento Bee)

Toys Out of the Attic (Independent - Ventura, CA)

Toying With Kevin Gilbert (Music News Network, as found on Debbie Miller's site)

A 20th Anniversary Tribute Performance of Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (ProgFest '94 program)

A review of Giraffe at ProgFest '94 (unidentified progressive rock magazine)

Review of Thud (Caffeine)

Review of Thud (Innerviews)

Kevin Gilbert (Performing Songwriter)

Gigs From Hell (Performing Songwriter)

Kevin Gilbert (Roland Users Group)

Stanley Snail (Mike Keneally)

All Rocked Out (MetroActive)

Dark Secrets (San Francisco Chronicle, as found on Debbie Miller's site)

The RAG Mourns The Death Of Kevin Gilbert (ROCK RAG)

Goodbye: "summing it all up." (Lance Arthur)

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