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The Love Story Between Jack And Rose

Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a third class passenger who wins his ticket to Titanic in a lucky round of poker. Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) is a first class passenger, engaged to the proud and obnoxious Cal Hockley. The family deeply needs the money that will be provided by Hockley in marriage since he was heir to a wealthy estate. Hockley is very unkind and abusive towards Rose. Jack and Rose meet as Rose threatens to throw herself off the Titanic, after her grim realization of her life to come. She explains, "I saw my life as if I had already lived it. An endless parade of parties and polo matches, always the same narrow people..." Jack, however is a penniless free spirited artist who captures Rose's heart. From then on their love blossoms, to a love so true they are willing to risk their lives for one another. Jack made a sketch of Rose with a mystical diamond that Hockley had given her. This was later recovered by the explorers looking for the Heart of the Ocean diamond that had been worn by Louis XIV. The diamonds whereabouts were never revealed to the explorers. The diamond would have been worth millions. The diamond was a very rare blue diamond which is very precious. Jack is shown here talking to Rose about some of his sketches. As fate would have it, Titanic strikes an iceberg hundreds of miles at sea causing pandemonium aboard. The seaman tried their best to turn Titanic, but the force was too great. Five of the ships chambers had began to fill with water spelling the doom of the Titanic. The water rushed into the Titanic forcing the first class women and children to evacuate the boat first. Second and third class people were held in caged hallways. Rose chose to stay with Jack and to get off with him. They were not able to get into a lifeboat. The ship sank diffusing its passengers into the icy Atlantic waters. Their trust was only but in God. Everyone has life preservers on, causing them not to drown. The water was freezing cold with hundreds of people in the water. Jack was able to get Rose onto what appeared to be a floating board in this scene. Death was slowly creeping up on all of the people in the water. All but six including Jack perished that night in the icy waters. Rose survived. Their love never was broken. Jack gave his life to spare Rose. The lifeboats stayed out at sea except for one that found Rose and saved her.